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Ditch the Car Star: John

John from Falkirk kindly took the time to tell us about his experience of Take the Right Route and is our latest Ditch the Car Star.

I can't remember how I found out about the app but it's fantastic! I've been using it for a long time now.
I won tickets to the Falkirk FC match against East Fife back in February and we won 3-1, it was great. I've got a season ticket now and I always walk to the stadium as it's only twenty minutes away. I'm really lucky because the yellow tunnel opens up the Helix, so it's a great place for walking and cycling.
I got rid of my car three months ago - it was just costing too much. Sometimes I get a lift to do a big shop but otherwise I use my bike for everything. It takes me ten or fifteen minutes to get to work. I've been getting faster and I really enjoy seeing my progress in the app. There are lots of benefits: I feel fitter and I'm not paying tax, insurance and fuel for the car. I look after my bike so it's reliable and I get around practically for free. I don't have any of the kit, just a helmet and high viz. You don't need much, that's one of the great things about cycling - it's for everyone.
I donate my BetterPoints to Forth Valley Sensory Centre because they do fantastic work. It's great that you can donate the points - I get the benefit of walking and cycling and a local charity benefits too.

John will no doubt be entering our fantastic Falkirk FC prize draws. To join Take the Right Route and start earning rewards and prize draw entries, download the free BetterPoints app via the buttons below or scan the QR code.

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